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                    Juliet lives in West Palm Beach with her husband and three children.  She is blessed and her goal is to make a difference in peoples life.  She touches peoples lives with each interaction.  She values honesty and integrity and encourages faith in God.

She can be reached at wjuliet@comcast.net

Topics of interest are Faith,  Prayer, Stroke Prevention, Hypertension, Diabetes, Keys to Spiritual Growth.

Available for speaking engagements. Below is a sample poem recited at the African American Research library July 2012



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I need you Grandma
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There are many people who are bound by fear.  Here is a poem to encourage and set  you free.  Share it with your friends.



Fear can cripple the thoughts in your mind
It can hold your back from progress and you’ll be left behind
Fear strangles the hope that lies deep within you
It prevents you from doing all the things you want to do

Fear stifles and binds you, it holds you back

If you are not careful, it can trigger a heart attack

Fear keeps you in bondage and blinds your eyes

It holds you back and cause your dreams to die

Fear a negative force, challenges thoughts and causes a struggle within

It robs you of faith and vitality and causes you to sin

Fear will strip you and take away your God-given will to try

Fear must be conquered in order for your dream to live and not die

Fear causes headache, distract your focus and leave you in tears
It can steal your hope, your joy and fill you with despair
It can prevent you from moving forward in faith
It causes failure and paralyzes you with hate

Fear must be replaced with faith in God’s word
It is the weapon God gave you as a spiritual sword
Rise up and shake the dust from your doubting mind
Release God's power and His freedom you will find

Fear or faith is a choice that you must make

If you choose fear, you will be making a big mistake

Face your fear, overcome it with faith

Start today, start this moment, and please don’t start too late.

                         By Juliet Wilson



When Life Gets Rough You Hang Tough

I know it is rough for you right now

Life’s trials have brought your spirit low

It seems like there is death all around

And all your problems just seem to compound


When you have come to the end of your rope

Let faith in God help you to cope

In time, God will turn things around for you

Just simply trust Him to bring you through

Sit back and wait patiently on Him

Although it seems like you are out on a limb

Remember He will never leave you alone

Trust Him and don’t handle things on your own

So when life troubles seem to be too rough

You stand your ground and hang tough

Rest in His presence and let Him lead

Find comfort as God Word you read

Juliet Wilson





Capture The Experience Through Poetry Today will certainly reassure, warm, console, enlighten, and uplift the heart of those who
read them.
poems in Capture... Today not only reveal the writer's passion as a caring person but possess as well the potential to bring caring others together... They are replete with possibilities...
argaret R. Poole, MSN, ARNP

Relevant, reflective, resounding, insightful, inspirational, timely and timeless are but few of the words that can be used to describe these poems. I say this is not only a "must read"; it is also a resource tool for each of us as we journey through this life, and prepare for the next one. Keep writing Juliet, God's hands are upon you.  
Bishop Dr. John M.R. Gordon
What a wonderfully witty collection of poems! As a physician I personally enjoyed Juliet's whimsical multi-faceted views of life within the hospital walls. It is truly a special talent to  review and revamp our daily experiences into such comedic storytelling. I look forward to hearing her funny take on future events with much anticipation. 

Dr.Kitonga Kiminyo,MD.

Message Corner March 2016

Inspire Me Today

Thank you for joining my book study on Tips for Success and Fulfillment in life. If you would like to continue this study currently Women of Promise has afforded this teaching opportunity on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month at 7pm. You can dial in at 7124321212 enter access code 761864835#  

Today we were encouraged to live by the word of God and believe in yourself because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  We were told to 
2. We were encouraged this week to Take action daily to achieve your Goal.
3. Develop a strong prayer life.
As we go througout htis week let us put these teachings into practice and trust God for our eyesight, our health and we continue to thank God for the Ford family may God surround them with his love. May God's love surround all the women of the love support group.  

Scriptures Mt 4:4 KJV
"Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
1 John 4:4
"Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world."

1 important key for this week 
Write the vision down 

Prayer for this week
Father we thank you that you love us and have a plan for our lives.  We ask that you will continue to order our steps in your word.  Fill us with a deep desire to study and know what your word says so we can apply it to our lives daily. We know that prayer changes things and we trust you to answer our prayers. Keep our hearts close to your heart and cause our thoughts to align with your will which is revealed in your word. We declare that you are meeting our every need because you are our source and the cattle on a thousand hills belong to you. Thank you for you provision in every area of our lives in Jesus name amen, 

A word of encouragement for you

Go forth  with courage and step into the unknown

It is full of fear, risk, mixed emotions and adventure

If you never go forward you will never know

Your potential or the way you will grow

The wealth of discovery will unfold

Be bold as you step into the unknown

Unimaginable opportunities await you today

This is the beginning of your new day
by Juliet Wilson

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Join me at 7:30 am Friday mornings on this line.

Prayerlifeline Conference March 11-13th 2016
call sister Mcduffie at 1407-234-5182  

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Tips for Success and Fulfillment in life
Capture the Experience Through Poetry  

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