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Never would have made it Marvin Sapp
The Process by Isaac Simpson
Stand by Donnie McClurklin

Are you going through a battle? Are you in a warfare? Stand and let the Lord fight for you. Have faith, don't give up and don't give in remember that your God never fails and He will see you through. He will not leave you alone. He will give you the victory as you stand on His word. Stand strong and turn your situation over to your Creator, Father and Friend. He is a Strong Tower to them that trust in Him and His Word. He never fails. I hope these songs are a blessing to you during your time of testing. He has already given you the victory. Thank and Praise His name.

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What is your dream? How serious are you about achieving that dream. I believe you can, do you believe?

Life is a sum total of our choices and what we sow today we reap tomorrow. Make a decision to change your life today. Start with a copy of my book Capture The Experience Through Poetry. Take time to reflect, listen to others and glean from their experiences. Make right choices, include God in your journey and accomplish your dreams.  We all have experiences, Capture them and learn from them. Get your copy today.


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 The Dream Won't Quit

The dream that is in me 
Just won't quit,
I try to forget it 
But it just won't quit.

I put it on the burner
Way in the back.
No matter what I do 
It keeps on coming back.

I wake up this morning
And what do I hear,
A voice deep inside me
Saying, "Go without fear."

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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.   Albert Schweitzer     


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